Junior School

Stamford College Primary Section is a place, which brings the students joy,excitement, challenges, opportunities and anticipations. We welcome students
aged 5 -12 years old. We believe quality education is the first step to inspiring our future leaders. We do this by providing a dynamic and creative environment, inspiring excellence, and developing respectful, responsible and innovative members of society. We recognize the uniqueness of every individual and seek to bring out the best in each student. Our young learners are prepared for both Sri Lankan and London Curriculum in order to prepare them to enter their next educational level.
Our Activity Based Learning Approach supports learners to be creative and curious and to think critically and thereby expand their capabilities. Within diverse and multi-cultural environment, we raise broad-minded and well- educated children for the future world.

Our Curriculum

Stamford adopts an innovative and progressive approach to learning. The College offers a balanced blend of both rigorous structured subject learning and inquiry-based thematic learning.
Subjects offered:
Grades 1 and 2: English Language, Mathematics, Science, 1st Language (Sinhala/Tamil), Environmental Studies, Religion, 2nd Language (Sinhala/Tamil) ,
Dancing, Handwork and Art
Grades 3-5: English Language, Mathematics, Science, 1st Language
(Sinhala/Tamil), Environmental Studies, Religion, 2nd Language (Sinhala/Tamil) ,
French , Dancing, Handwork and Art
Clubs: 1 Environmental club, Story circle, Book Club, Religion societies.
Sports: swimming, Badminton and chess,

Beyond Academics in the Primary Classes

Co-curricular Activities
In the Primary School, we offer a range of Co-Curricular Activities for children.


Leadership skills, commitment, healthy-eating habits and teamwork, at Stamford College’s sports are more than fitness, and we do it in style!
Our all-in Physical Education curriculum inspires students to succeed and excel in competitive sports.
Regular Inter-house competitions allows each student to experience competitive sport, while college teams competing in inter-school competitions stretches the more experienced performers.


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About Us

Since our inception in 2018, Stamford College has been committed to providing quality education for the leaders of tomorrow. Over the years, our community has flourished.

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